Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who played who? U18

Brazil here we come !


One of the rewards of finiishing in the top 4 qualifiers of the National Age Group is that you get the right to represent the country to play in Brazil for the coming World Youth. Perhaps that is why some of the places are so fiercely contested and parents were willing to travel long distances to UTP to participate.

One minus will be participants still have to fork out the cash to travel and stay there. However if you are fortunate enough to afford the cost, Brazil is a very interesting place to visit.

The two famous tourist attractions in Brazil is the Jesus Christ statue and Iguacu Falls which is so magnificent it is sometimes described as one of the 7 wonders of the world.








Monday, March 14, 2011

Li Ting wins

After her adventures with the chess clock, Tan Li Ting wins her last round game on board 1.
She ties with Nur Nabila at 7/8 but since she has beaten Nur Nabila, the tie break will favour her for Personal Encounter (PE).


It's 15 minutes time control sudden death.
In case of a draw, the time will be 5 minutes vs 4 minutes (White must win, Black to draw to win).

Probably the only playoff for NAG 2011.

One second!

I have never seen Saitek clock reach one second without the player losing :)

This is clock time for the Under 14 girls section - Board 1.

It's between Li Ting and Fatih. Both players are short on time (1 second vs 6 seconds minutes) with heavy pieces like Queen and Rook still on the board. Imagine the tension of having just one second on the clock!

Haslidah is here

Haslidah Ruslan of Biro Catur Wanita MCF and MCF Vice President  is here just in time for the last round and closing ceremonies.

Ah .. lots of chicken today

There is money in NAG

Usually scholastic events like these only give out trophies and medals.

However for this year's National Age Group at UTP, Tronoh, there is additional prize money in the form of a FIDE scholarship for the winners of each category.

How much? I don't know yet but I assume that it should be 4 figures. Will confirm after the prize giving.

De Zen wins U10G with perfect score

For the Under 10 girls, Teh De Zen emerged outright champion with a perfect score of 8/8.
(The above is her final round game vs Ho Chen Ee.

Wong Jianwen wins 8/8

With a perfect score of 8/8 Wong Jianwen wins outright the U16 Boys NAG championship 2011. Other round 8 games are still on going.

Who won?

Smiling faces and players taking to each other usually means the game is over and they are discussing the game..

Game between Nabil and Evan is over.

A few minutes later board 1 also concludes and focus shifts there.

Of course, deputy arbiter, Marcus Yeoh has to break up the small crowd as other games as stilll going on.

So what was the results ?
(answer after the jump)

Round 7 updates

Under 8 results at this moment..

Some positions

Mark Siew -  Low Jun Jian (U18B - board1)

Chong Shao Hong
vs Sumant Subramaniam  (U18 board 3)

Nabil vs Evan(U18 board 2)

Copying games

To reduce the high cost of NAG, one of the budget cuts was in the carbonised score sheets which I'm told is easily over RM 1,000 for the entire event. So it was decided the "normal" score sheets would be given without the carbonised copy.

This is a common sight. Players copying their score sheets after a game completes. In a way, it is a good thing. It reinforces the concept of good score keeping. Even players at the top boards re-record their scores after the game

Also interesting to note very few players actually bought and use carbon paper to make things easier.

Youngest Participants in NAG

Two of the youngest participants taking part. One is 7 years old and the other is 6 !

Round 7 - U18B